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What to expect


Ayurveda lays out a certain description of the qualities of a 'patient'. These are:

1. Consenting and able to take responsibility to follow the advice given.

2. Understanding and able to administer the therapy given.

3. Not be overwhelmed by or be in fear of the disorder.

4. Honest reporting about the disorder and progress.


In my practice, I request that clients take note of the above when wanting to work with me. I view my practice as a partnership between myself and the client - one human being doing their best to help another.


Ayurvedic treatments require time and patience in order to see the full benefits. This requires the client to take responsibility in following the advice given and giving honest feedback about treatment progress. The client must be wanting to improve their health to come back into balance.


Working together and by acting on feedback from the client, advice given and the treatment plan will organically change over time. As such, I request that clients work with me for a minimum of 3 months (3 consultations total) to help restore balance. 

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Initial consultations

At your initial consultation (which will take about an hour) please be prepared to talk about yourself and have a conversation in a confidential space.


As Ayurveda emphasises balance in all areas of life, various questions will be asked to holistically understand your historical and current personal situation. This will include a good understanding of your diet, sleep, energy levels, professional life, relationships with others, exercise routines & mental wellbeing. For females, menstruation will also be discussed.

According to Ayurveda, all disease is caused by a dosha (constitutions) imbalance. In the way described above, it is possible to identify the imbalanced dosha and the root cause of dis-ease, whether diet and/or lifestyle causes and in the mind or body.

A bespoke treatment plan will be provided including dietary advice, remedies and herbal products. Your plan is tailored to your individual needs.

There are no magic pills given here and all plans take varying degrees of time to reap the full benefits depending on the condition being experienced. Some can take a few weeks, some can take a few months. With Ayurveda, the individual seeking help is expected to be open, willing and wanting to change and improve their health. I can help unlock the door and guide you, but YOU must be the one to walk through it. 

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Follow up consultations

A follow up consultation is strongly recommended 3-4 weeks after the initial consultation. This is a shorter thirty minute session to discuss progress made and for the treatment plan to be adjusted where necessary.

Further follow ups 3-4 weeks apart are highly recommended in order to help guide you on your journey until you come back in to balance. 

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