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Ayurvedic Marma Massage

2 hour full body oil massage

Transport yourself to India via the calming Garden Room at Still House Clinic! Listen to soothing Indian Ragas and calming Sanskrit Mantras. Traditional ayurvedic oils are selected according to your dosha and the massage is tailored to your needs. Keep reading below to find out more.

What to expect

  • Full 2 hour body massage - back, arms, hands,  legs, feet, belly, shoulder, head and face

  • Traditional Ayurvedic oils selected according to your dosha

  • Pinda sweda - hot herbal poultices

  • Marma point and chakra massage

  • Relax whilst listening to Indian ragas and Sanskrit mantras

  • Optional choice of incense

  • A short 10 min consultation for new patients to understand any health concerns.

  • Aftercare advice post-massage

Please note, that oils using a mix of sesame and coconut oils are used and this massage type is therefore not suitable for those with allergies as such.

Private areas of the body are kept covered at all times.

Image by Ravi Pinisetti
Image by Katherine Hanlon

Why massage is important

Massage is highly praised in Ayurveda and is recommended daily.

Ayurveda believes that aches and pains are caused by obstruction of the flow of vayu (wind) through vayu carrying vessels or siras. Balancing circulation of vayu in the siras removes tension and reduces pain. Massage also promotes a deeper and more natural breathing pattern.

Regular massage helps to relax the muscles, nerves, bones and indeed the whole body. It helps the digestive system by maintaining proper balance and circulation.

Marma points are specific areas of the body, where the bone, ligaments, muscles and blood vessels meet. They are also considered vital energy points where prana flows through the body. Manipulation of such can help to promote healthy balance. 


Ayurveda describes many benefits of marma massage including:

  • Alleviates old age, fatigue and excess wind. 

  • Improves eyesight

  • Strengthens the body

  • Increases longevity

  • Induces sleep & dreams

  • Strengthens the skin

  • Aids resistance to disharmony & disease

  • Soothes vata & kapha

  • Improves skin texture

Image by Peter Conlan
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